Thursday, June 3, 2010

in the Rome Daily Sentinel

This is the photo of one of Kathy Jensen's,
 beautiful fairies. It appeared yesterday in The Rome Daily Sentinel along with an article about the Exhibit which opens tomorrow at the Rome Art and Community Center  Here is the text from the article:

From Rag Dolls to Porcelain; Polymer Clay to Papier Mache';
Needle -felting to Needle Sculpting: no matter what style of dolls you love,
you'll find a creator of them in the midst of the members of the
Central New York DOLL IS ART Guild!

The members, residing in all the regions of New York state, are united
by the love of creating one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures, known as Art Dolls.
Individually, their work has been viewed in national and international publications;
as well as many galleries throughout the United States. From the New Yorks State Fair,
to national and international competitions, their creations have won awards and accolades.

As a guild their work was published in a feature article
of the Summer 2006 issue of Art Doll Quarterly.
Since the creation of their guild in 2004 they have exhibited their works in gallery shows
showcasing the diversity, artistry and wonder of the figurative sculpture known as "doll".

here is a link to the article:

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