Monday, November 30, 2009

Spotlight on Maggie Newman

Central New York Doll Is Art Guild  member Maggie Newman not only makes dolls, but delightful character bears and stylish handbags as well.
When asked about her first doll-making experience Maggie replied:
"I took a class here in Fabius, NY given by Nancy Dennis who taught
polymer clay sculpting. The doll was successful for my first attempt
at sculpting! I was amazed. What prompted me to do this?? I don't
remember now, except that I was wanting to LEARN NEW THINGS!
The name of the doll was "Maggie's Alter Ego". She had red hair and played the violin; she wore a Victorian whites (antique/vintage) dress and sat in a chair. I sold it (amazing!) for $375.
Since that time, I haven't done much sculpting lately, since I
subscribed to Art Doll Quarterly and found SO MANY OTHER WAYS to
create Art dolls! Nancy Dennis is a wonderful sculptor; she has
sculpted pieces all over her studio, but the dolls are not completed
since Nancy does not like to SEW for costuming. So I did one doll
just by gluing all the costumes to see if it could be done. I've
decided I'll have to revert to HANDSEWING for my costumes but
 I HATE hand sewing!! LOL....
But I was hooked because of diversity in materials and the creativity.
The doll world has provided that for me."
 Maggie Newman
you may find some of Maggie's art for sale at:

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