Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little steps to a great journey

CNYDAG is made up of wonderfully talented doll-makers. Both individually and as group the members have had images of their work in many publications, and galleries. This blog will endeavor to post such accomplishments. Announcements of exhibits, publications and events that involve our members will be listed here.

But even more than the "big" news we will report on the little successes that when combined create great progress. This Guild's members are skilled at cheering one another along the doll-making path. "Atta girls" are a constant part of messages sent from one to another. When one stops to look at how we have grown from the beginning of our guild until now it is easy to be caught in a moment of awe. Little steps put together create great journeys. Share with us here as little steps are recorded and journeys begin!

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